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 Trauma-Sensitive Yoga is a practice developed by Bessel van der Kolk, MD, and David Emerson. It is based in Neuroscience, Trauma Theory and  Attachment Theory. In a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Class, traditional Yoga asana are employed to help the student experience the internal sensation of a given form as they perceive it. TSY is visceral and body-based and not presented in the context of cognition which gives TSY its particular value as part of the therapeutic process. Focus is not on the external form, not on "getting it right" and not about pleasing some external authority. This kind of orientation is the key shift that makes TSY a treatment for complex trauma.

Focus is always on power dynamics, sensation, breath awareness, spatial orientation, making choices,  and taking effective action all practiced in a safe environment. "Yoga" has become many things in our modern world so it is important to understand the lineage and underlying principles of a yoga practice. Trauma-Sensitive Yoga and Embodyoga® are deeply aligned in their attention to internal sensation and the practice and experience of the individual. Through years of practice and study, Katherine teaches Trauma Sensitive Embodyoga® honoring the intentions and goals of each lineage.

Katherine teaches Trauma Sensitive Embodyoga® 

on Zoom.mWednesdays 7-7:40 PM

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