The Realization Process® is a body centered approach to personal and spiritual healing and maturity developed by Judith Blackstone. It integrates the process of spiritual realization with psychological and relational healing and embodiment.

With Realization Process® guided meditations we can learn to perceive what is actually true and learn to accept our bodies and ourselves. This class consists of a unique series of meditative exercises for realizing spiritual unity through inward contact with one’s own body. Meditations also address releasing holding patterns and finding comfort and presence in the whole body.  By learning to attune to the  pervasive space of fundamental consciousness we realize our most subtle, yet most profound levels of awareness.  We can learn to accept our bodies and ourselves, cultivate clarity, refine the breath and the senses, and discover the essential unity of all beings. 

Suitable for beginners or experienced meditators.

​Please schedule private sessions.

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The realization process®