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This class is on hiatus until September 2022
Tuesdays 4:00-5:15 PM   GENTLE  EMBODYOGA®  

Keep moving and breathing with the aid of this balanced slow-moving yoga class. We focus on integrated movement & breath in a warm and encouraging environment suitable for all levels, all body shapes and sizes, and all abilities. We explore Embodyoga® principles such as Embodied Anatomy, where we notice how moving from our muscles can be supported by other body systems, thus making movement more efficient and easeful.  Santosha (acceptance without inferring non-action), and Viveka (informed inquiry) help us become more of who we are. This gentle practice will keep you moving and your joints more fluid while maintaining strength and building resilience. Breathing practices help keep our respiratory and circulatory systems toned.
All levels are welcome.
Live Streaming @ Shraddha Yoga

Live Streaming at Shraddha Yoga

Live Streaming @ Shraddha Yoga


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Trauma-Sensitive Yoga. NO CLASSES ARE SCHEDULED. This is an all-level class that can be practiced at your own pace.  Each asana is fully explained and demonstrated so the class is suitable for beginners. We focus on noticing what we are doing, while we are doing it. In this way, we calm the mind and make deep contact with ourselves. We will practice gentle breath awareness and moving with the breath. The class concludes with a resting practice. We explore yoga postures, breathing practices, and resting forms that help to relieve stress and tension and bring us into contact with our body, mind, and spirit. In this way, we can find the support to heal from trauma and reclaim our relationships with ourselves, our environment, and our community. 

Realization Process Meditation 

Six-week series: Realization Process Meditation

no session scheduled at this time