Private Instruction is a great way to learn to adapt yoga postures to serve your individual needs. Private sessions with Katherine are particularly useful to students who have special health concerns or injuries or for those who want to develop a home practice. 

 Yoga to address Individual Concerns. 

Katherine works with students who have a variety of needs. These might be situations such as knee, hip, or foot problems, shoulder injuries, back pain, or wrist and hand pain. For yoga practitioners, we can develop strategies to ease pain during your yoga practice. For beginners an ongoing approach of gentle yoga would be recommended.

Yoga Sessions may also be related to Stress, Trauma, and Eating Disorders. At least 4 sessions are recommended, although ongoing support is ideal.

For serious injuries and health concerns, a diagnosis by your health care provider is required. Please contact Katherine to discuss your individual needs.

Home Practice Consultations include evaluations of your personal goals, strategies on how to make your practice consistent, and a written practice plan. Sessions include feedback on how to properly and safely perform asana with modifications and adaptations provided for each individual.

Yoga Coaching can help students deepen their yoga practice. This is particularly useful for students in Teacher Training Programs who may need help with difficult concepts in yoga philosophy, anatomy, or any aspect of the training.

Small Group Lessons are also a great way to tailor a yoga practice to your needs. Have a yoga party or arrange for a yoga class in your home. Rates start at $125.


In-home sessions  $150.

Zoom Live-streaming Private sessions are $75 per hour.

Tutoring sessions for Embodyoga® teacher training students are $100 per hour.

Please contact Katherine for more information or to set up a session.

Private Sessions


   Chakra Yoga

​​Chakra Yoga​ is an immersion into the ancient yoga tradition of the chakra system. The chakras are the main subtle energy centers of the body. Learn the basics of the chakras and how to access the body's natural healing through these energy pathways which can improve circulation, help you attain harmony and build & enhance your yoga practice.

Muladhara Chakra is just one one of the seven major chakras that will be studied. Muladhara represents the earth which is the densest of the five yogic elements that make up life. All living things need strong foundations. Just as trees must have strong roots to survive a storm, humans need a solid base in order to take the next step. That  step can be a movement into a yoga asana, a decision about a new job or a step toward higher consciousness. Support Precedes Action.  When Muladhara is out of balance it can affect things related to your personal stability and security. Issues dealing with finances, your body, your home, your family, your roots. We all have to deal with the daily stress of life,  but what a difference if we can approach these challenges with a strong foundation.


The Yoga of Self-Acceptance

& Body Image

​Body Image is not inborn. It is ever-changing,

sensitive to the environment, physical experience

and fluctuations in mood. Our bodies are not our 

enemies. We can reclaim our bodies by employing

strategies of Embodyoga®. This practice helps to re-establish an on-going relationship with our true nature and universal awareness. In this workshop, we will explore how our asana, pranayama and meditation practices teach us the truth about our body. Perceiving what is actually true we can learn to accept our bodies as they are and appreciate how they perform miraculous feats every day.


Katherine Tancredi Yoga

   Yoga for Every Body

The many benefits of yoga are available to Every Body!
•Enjoy yoga tailored to your body
•Find support to gain ease of movement & flexibility
Yoga offers profound practices that can assist us in our desire to change patterns of thought and behavior. Through the ongoing practice of yoga, we learn to re-connect to the body, re-program the mind and develop a full and satisfying life. Through gentle movement, mindfulness, breathing practices, and relaxation techniques we learn to reduce stress, calm the mind and make space for transformation. Katherine offers yoga postures that are modified to fit every body shape and size and each individual's abilities. Each asana is adapted so the benefits underlying the posture are easily achieved. Gain the confidence to participate in mixed-level yoga classes. Yoga is a life long path to balance and harmony. This workshop is open to all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities.