Teaching & Training

Embodyoga® for Disordered Eating and Body Image Issues
•Shraddha Yoga, March 2022
Teaching with Awareness: Embodyoga® for Assisting Recovery from Eating Disorders, Yoga Therapy For Eating Disorders:
​• Yoga Center Amherst, Amherst, MA March 2019, March 2018, January 2017, January 2016
The Skin You're In: The Yoga of Self-Acceptance ​ and Body Image:
• Yoga Center Amherst 2014
Yoga For Healthy Weight Loss:
• Mama Nirvana's New Yoga, Amherst, MA 2008-2011
• Amherst Leisure Services 2012-2013
Yoga For Round Bodies:
• Mama Nirvana's 2012
Chakra Yoga:
• Cornerstone Center for Wellness, Keene NH 2011
• Mama Nirvana's New Yoga, Amherst, Ma 2007-2011 •Ahimsa Yoga, South Hadley MA 2012
• Belchertown MA Recreation Department 2007
Intro To Yoga Series
• Yoga Center Amherst, 2015-2017
Introduction to The Realization Process
•Yoga Center Amherst 2018
Amherst Leisure Services 2014-2016
Embodyoga® for Knees: an asana clinic to assist with knee problems and to maintain healthy knees:
•The White Barn, Amherst MA 2017
•Yoga Center Amherst, Amherst, MA 2018
Embodyoga® for Wrists: an asana clinic to assist with wrist problems and to maintain healthy wrists: 
•The White Barn, Amherst MA 2017
•Yoga Center Amherst, 2018
Downward Facing Dog Asana Clinic:
•The White Barn, 2017

2021-present: Shraddha Yoga, Amherst & Hadley, MA
2008-2021: Yoga Center Amherst, Amherst, MA
2009-20016: Teaching Assistant Embodyoga®
200-Hour YTT
2010-present: Teaching Assistant Embodyoga®
300-Hour YTT
2011-2015:Walden Behavioral Care, Therapeutic Yoga for Eating Disorders. Adolescents and Adults Northampton, MA
2015-present:Walden Behavioral Care, Therapeutic Yoga for Eating Disorders Amherst, MA
2010-2016:Amherst Leisure Services-LSSE
2014:Jayadeva Yoga School, Amherst, MA
2006-2014:Mama Nirvana's New Yoga, Amherst &
Easthampton, MA
2010:Ahimsa Yoga, South Hadley, MA
2009:Belchertown Recreation Department
2006-2009:High Street Yoga Group
2009:Recovery Project, Greenfield, MA
2009: Brattleboro Union High School, Vermont

Katherine's Yoga Training:
E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher
RYT 500 Certified Embodyoga® Teacher
RYT 200 Mama Nirvana's New Yoga
TSY Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher
David Emerson, Jenn Turner & Bessel Van der Kolk.
Yoga & PTSD: The Veteran's Yoga Project Training
Fully Certified Realization Process® Teacher:
Judith Blackstone
•Healing Ground Realization Process Training​
•The Embodiment Aspect of the Realization Process Training

​•Spiritual Psychotherapy Aspect of the Realization Process
•Meditative Aspect of the Realization Process
•The True Meaning of I and Thou: Deepening Relationships
Through Embodied Non-Dual Awakening
Body Mind Centering®
Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen:
•Embryological Foundations of Movements, Berkeley CA
•Developmental Movement & Embryology I, Amherst, MA
•Developmental Movement & Embryology II, Amherst, MA
•Embodying The Heart, Amherst, MA
•Problems in Teaching Yoga, Kripalu Center
•The Two Halves of the Brain: A New Paradigm, Amherst, MA
•Embodying Three Centers of Transformation, Berkeley, CA
Kripalu Yoga Therapeutics Intensive
Kripalu Integrative Weight Loss Training I
Kripalu Integrative Weight Loss Training II
Alan Finger:
• Chakra Yoga, Kripalu
Tantra Yoga Practices, Kripalu
​• Ishta Yoga Intensive - Mar De Jade, Mexico
• Ishta Yoga

Pema Chodrin, The Four Limitless Qualities, Omega Institute
Dharma Mittra level I, Kripalu
Ayurveda for Anxiety & Depression, John Doulliard
Anatomy Workshop and Dissection Lab, Bridgeport University
Patty Townsend, The Spine, Yoga Center Amherst
Amy Matthews, Feet Are Fundamental, Yoga Center Amherst
Judith Hanson Lasater, Yoga Theraapeutics, Yoga Center Amherst and Kripalu
Yoga for Scoliosis, Marcia Monroe
Karen Miscall-Bannon

•Therapeutics for Knees and Hips

  •Back Bends and Inversions, Hip Openers & Arm Balances.

Patty Townsend,Embodying The Organs Through Yoga,
Eileen Muir, Yoga and Body Image, Karuna Yoga
Hari Kirin Khalsa, Yoga and Eating Disorders, Soul Yoga, New Hampshire
Eric Love, Inversions, Yoga Center Amherst
Priti Robyn Ross, Advanced Assisting Skills, Kripalu
Teaching Yoga To Seniors, Beverly Duda
Pilates Mat 1 certification, Ruth Anne Lundeburg

Douglas Brooks, Yoga Philosophy, Rajanaka Yoga
•The Bagavad Gita, Yoga Sanctuary, Northampton, MA
•Rajanaka Summer Camp 2014, Bristol, NY
• Kali, Yoga Sanctuary, Northampton, MA
​•Rajanaka Summer Camp 2015, Bristol, NY
  •Rajanaka Summer Camp 2016, Bristol, NY
•Hanuman, Yoga Sanctuary, Northampton, MA
​ • The Great Goddess, Northampton, MA
Chelsea Roff, Eat, Breathe, Thrive Training, Dover NH
Angela Farmer, The Divine Feminine, Kripalu Center for Yoga
Angela Farmer Breath the Beloved, Zoom Workshop

BFA Painting & Printmaking, Virginia Commonwealth University
MA Media and Cinema Studies, Temple University 


about Katherine

Katherine Tancredi Yoga


Katherine has been practicing yoga since her college days, during which she received a BFA in Painting &  Printmaking and a Masters Degree in Cinema Studies, Media and the Sociology of Film. She began teaching yoga in 2006 and it was then that she  began teaching and studying yoga full time. She has studied yoga & meditation with many teachers but her biggest influences are Patty Townsend, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Alan Finger, Judith Blackstone and Douglas Brooks.  Katherine earned her RYT 500 in Embodyoga® and has assisted in the 200-Hr & 500-Hour Teacher Trainings and currently assists in the Embodyoga® 300-Hour YTT at Yoga Center Amherst with Patty Townsend. Katherine teaches public yoga classes at Yoga Center Amherst. She teaches therapeutically for assisting in the recovery of eating disorders at Walden Behavioral Care. Through this work Katherine has developed a teacher training: "Teaching with Awareness: Embodyoga® for  Assisting  Recovery from Eating Disorders". The manual is for sale at Yoga Center Amherst or digitally through the Embodyoga® Website. Trainings with Katherine take place one per year. Katherine also teaches Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Katherine's practice, teaching and training has deepened her commitment to the yogic path as a way to maintain vitality, discover resilience, appreciate and explore the sense of self and pursue well-being. When not studying,  practicing or teaching yoga, Katherine likes to travel, particularly driving in the Great Western States and exploring London & Venice.  Katherine lives in Amherst,  MA with her husband Bob and their Norwich Terrier, Buddy. Their beautiful daughter Liz and her husband Sam live in New York City.